Operating system(s)

MacOS, versions 10.10 and newer. It may also work on 10.9 but has not been well tested

Video capture hardware

Verified working

Video capture notes

USB devices: If the device presents itself as an UVC capable device it will most likely work.

Blackmagic: It is likely most of the Blackmagic line will work, CocoaSplit has native (via their SDK) support for them and the API appears to be unified across their product lines

As a general rule, if it shows up as an available video source in Quicktime, it will work with CocoaSplit.


Webcam notes

The same rule that applies to video capture devices also applies to webcams. If quicktime can record it, CocoaSplit can too

Elgato StreamDeck

There is no direct support for CocoaSplit in the StreamDeck software. You can use AppleScript to control CocoaSplit and have the StreamDeck execute an application that runs the Applescript.